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Dogs Pointer & Hound set of 2

Item no 109329
Size 60 x 32 x H. 73 cm Finish Antique bronze finish


The Pointer & Hound set is crafted from aluminium. These two dog sculptures feature a rectangular base and are perfect to flank a mantel, console table or window. Their antique bronze finish has a slight sheen and matches a traditional aesthetic.


Indoor/outdoor: Indoor use/dry locations only

Care instructions

How to care for wood veneer

Veneer furniture is covered in a thin layer of real hardwood. Veneers are often used in high end furniture pieces and can be more costly than solid wood. Mid 20th century it became especially popular in interiors when teak wood was often used for Danish design furniture.

To fully enjoy your wood veneer furniture, please follow a few basic rules:

Cleaning and maintenance

Wood veneer requires gentle care to preserve the finish. Dust regularly and clean with a soft dry cloth.

Remove spills immediately as moisture can cause the veneer to peel off the surface. Prevent moisture from getting underneath the veneer by quickly and thoroughly cleaning up any spills. In case of water rings, rub the area with naphtha. Follow up with an application of oil or petroleum jelly to completely erase the mark.